Friday, 30 December 2016

Nett-Tell LLC; Value in Call Routing

In the past decade or so, Nett-Tell LLC has shown itself to be a leader in the business of home telephone service at a great price. They don’t just offer lower rates for domestic and international calling, but they also offer many services for free that local phone companies often charge for.

Nett-Tell LLC offers service that is every bit as good as the phone company’s, only at a significant cost savings. They use Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP technology which just means the calls are routed over the Internet, using the customer’s router, rather than an expensive hard phone line. With a good Internet connection, the quality of Nett-Tell phone calls is exactly the same as with the phone company. They use the same phone and dial numbers the same as always, and the person on the other end will ever know the difference. Only the customer will notice the difference, when they get the bill. Otherwise, Nett-Tell provides the best home phone service anywhere, even though it’s one of the least expensive.